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Hackney Carpet Cleaners Services Delivered at Amazingly Low Prices

  • Hackney Carpet Cleaners

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners

    Your home and its carpets will need to be properly prepared and kept clean if you want to enjoy a life with no allergy triggers so trust our Hackney carpet cleaners. If you live in the Hackney part of town, whether it is E5 or E8 as postal code area, we can take care of all of that for you. The professional carpet cleaners E5 working for our company have been doing rug cleaning and other aspects of the job for a long time, with years of experience behind them. This will allow you to handle the issues and potential stains on your carpets without having to scrub at them by yourself.
  • Upholstery Cleaning Hackney E5

    Upholstery Cleaning Hackney E5

    An important task you have to deal with on a regular basis is to work on Hackney furniture cleaning for your home. If you live in the area covered by the E5 and E8 postcodes, we will be there for you to take care of the details. Once that is done you will have a much easier time dealing with the rest of the stain removal tasks you have to work on in your home. Call us anytime and we will be there in a jiffy to take care of all of it so that you won’t have to face it alone.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Hackney E5

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Hackney E5

    As a tenant, you will need to look out for a lot of situations that could end up making your life in a rented home more difficult than it has to be. Just get in touch with us today and we will take care of your E5 post tenancy cleaning needs, no matter where you live in Hackney. We can do it all, from floors to ceilings and we can clean your home in E8 without you ever having to lift a finger to get the job done and handle the move out cleaning for the house. So call carpet cleaners Hackney today to learn more.
  • Domestic Cleaning Hackney E5

    Domestic Cleaning Hackney E5

    When your home has been around for a long while, chances are that cleaning it often will be a necessary step toward making your time in it more pleasant and enjoyable. It will take time to do this, however, as well as a lot of effort, so we will back you with our domestic cleaners in Hackney, taking care of the job no matter where you live, from the E5 to the E8 area and beyond. We’re the best at what we do and what we do is keeping your home clean and spotless at all times.
  • House Cleaning Hackney E5

    House Cleaning Hackney E5

    If you want to have your home looking flawless you will need to do the job of keeping it that way often enough to make it a routine, which is not exactly ideal for most people working busy job schedules today. You will need to cover house cleaning by finding professional help, so if you live in the Hackney area, all the way to E8, we will cover your back and take care of all your E5 home cleaning needs so that you won’t have to. Just hire us today and we will tackle the job in no time at all.
  • Office Cleaning Hackney E5

    Office Cleaning Hackney E5

    A vital aspect of the services we provide in Hackney is taking care of commercial cleaning for corporations and offices around the E5 area. Just like in other locations, we cover all properties in E8 as well and we do our best to make thorough building cleaning one of our major priorities. Call us today to talk to an expert of our staff and ask for more details. We will help you out so that your company can focus on what it does best, while our Hackney carpet cleaners do what we do best – keep your office premises clean and comfortable.

Attractive Prices on Hackney Carpet Cleaners Services

Our team of carpet cleaners are the most professional in Hackney E5 and you can get the best deals only by calling us on 020 3744 9545!

Price List

Carpet Cleaning £ 7
Upholstery Cleaning £ 13
End of Tenancy Cleaning £ 95
Domestic Cleaning £ 11
Regular Cleaning £ 10
Office Cleaning £ 11

  • Carpet cleaning

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners Upholstery cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners End of tenancy cleaning
  • Domestic cleaning

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners Domestic cleaning
  • Regular cleaning

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners Regular cleaning
  • Office cleaning

    Hackney Carpet Cleaners Office cleaning

What they say about us


The domestic cleaning experts from Hackney Carpet Cleaning did a first-class job in my property recently. I was thrilled when it came time to inspect their work, was delighted with what they'd managed to achieve.

Annie R


I hired Hackney Carpet Cleaning for office cleaning. The cleaners did a great job, very professional, finished the job in good time, and the whole process was smooth and easy.



House cleaning has never been a strong point of mine. In fact, it's something that I avoid. I just hate it. Due to HackneyCarpetCleaners operating in the vicinity and because of their prices, hiring them was the logical option. That's what I now do. I hired them once and they impressed. I've then hired them a couple of more times. They're yet to disappoint. The only downside is that I didn't call them sooner! They could've saved me plenty of hassle over the years.

G. French